Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee

The Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee is the local Democratic party organization for Snohomish County, Washington. It serves as a sibling organization to the seven Legislative Districts that are partially or completely within the county boundaries. The SCDCC helps to coordinate efforts of these organizations and help elect Democrats within our county, state, and nation.


The SCDCC works with local democratic party organizations and candidates to help educate, promote, fundraise, and campaign. We take a "campaign" forward approach to our coordination efforts. That means combining both data driven and voter centric approaches to effectively represent our voters in Snohomish County.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee meets monthly and is made up of the officers, two representatives from each legislative district identifying as different genders, the legislative district chairs, and standing committee chairs.


Every two years, officers are elected to serve the needs of the membership. The current elected officers come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience working to advance the Democratic Party.

Monica Chilton


Kevin Phan

1st Vice Chair

Colin McMahon

2nd Vice Chair

Brandy Donaghy

Recording Secretary

David Parshall

Corresponding Secretary

Eric Halvorson


Trinity Ledesma

State Committee Member

Jordan Sears

State Committee Member

How you can get involved

Join Your Legislative District

Make a difference and have your voice heard and get involved as a member of your Legislative District. Help shape the local democratic party!

Find Your Legislative District

Click the button below to help find and contact your legislative district.

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Become a Precinct Committee Officer

Take the next step in community organizing by becoming a Precinct Committee Officer. Represent your neighborhood, educate voters, and help get great Democrat candidates elected.

Represent Your Neighborhood

Once you've joined your local legislative district, talk with the Chair about become a Precinct Committee Officer. Get more information by clicking the button below!

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Become a Candidate

Your community needs you! Make the leap into public service and have your Legislative District and your County Democrats at your back. If you fight hard and have a drive to help your fellow citizens, we are here for you every step of the way.

Candidate Resources

We are currently working on creating a curriculum for prospective candidates. Stay tuned for more information. Click the button below to enter your information and keep abreast of the program.

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