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Organize Your Precinct

Find your Precinct!

First, use the Secretary of State’s Voter registration lookup to determine your Precinct and Legislative District or just look at your voter registration card!

If there is no PCO in your precinct, you might consider becoming the Democratic Precinct Committee Officer for your precinct.

PCOs are the connection between the democrats in your neighborhood and the Democratic Party. PCOs can conduct a voter registration drive or arrange for a neighborhood meeting with Democratic candidates or your elected Democrats.

To become a PCO, you will need to complete a PCO Application and contact your Legislative District Chair for approval. Your Legislative District Chair will also be able to provide you with more information about the duties of a PCO.

Once approved by the Legislative District, your application is then submitted for approval by the Snohomish County Democratic Party Chair on the fourth Tuesday of each month at our Executive Board meeting.

If appointed, you will receive notification of your appointment, your PCO certificate and a PCO handbook.

PCOs resigning from the organization must submit a PCO resignation Form. Only then will we be able to recruit an new PCO for your precinct. Please consider that PCOs DO need additional members on their committees and will greatly appreciate your help.

Legislative Districts are our sister organizations on the Democratic pyramid. Your Legislative District meets monthly and is a great resource for new activists and always provide for interesting meetings! Use the links on the menu to access your Legislative District website.

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