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Snohomish Democratic Party Resolutions for vote


2015-00x SCDCC Resolution Supporting the Right of the Democratic Party To Select its Presidential Nominee
2015-00x Resolution to Maintain Strong Washington State Consumer Protection Laws Relating to Payday Loans

Snohomish Democratic Party Approved Resolutions


2014-001 Resolution in Support of Initiative 1329 Requesting an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
2014-002 Resolution to Protect the United States Postal Service


2012-001 Resolution to Revise Chapter 9A.44 RCW Sex offenses


2011-002 Resolution in Support of ILWU Local 21
2011-001 Resolution Point Wells


2010-001 Resolution Supporting Everett EMS Levy
2010-002 Resolution Regarding the Political Activities of Publicly Held Corporations
2010-003 Resolution Calling for Carbon Tax
2010-004 Resolution to Tie a Corporation’s Tax Burden to its Employment and Manufacturing Practices
2010-005 Resolution to Stop Lawsuit by Washington AG Against Health-Care Measure
2010-006 Resolution Making funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program available to Washington State Banks and Credit Unions
2010-007 Resolution on the Orderly Development of Designated Urban Zones
2010-008 Resolution regarding Land Management processes in Snohomish County
2010-009 Resolution Supporting Marriage Partnerships
2010-010 Resolution Supporting the Legalization of Marijuana
2010-011 Resolution supporting a ban on Off-Shore Drilling


2009-001 Resolution supporting the preservation of Natural Resource Lands
2009-002 Resolution Supporting Worker Privacy Act
2009-003 Resolution Supporting the Prohibition of Unlicensed School Personnel Directing the Practice of Registered Nurses
2009-004 Resolution Supporting Peace and Security for all people in the Middle East
2009-005 Resolution supporting Decline to Sign and Endorse Yes on R-71
2009-006 Resolution Opposing Initiative 1033
2009-007 Resolution Supporting Menendez Amendment on Immigrant Eligibility for Medicaid