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2016 Endorsements


Early endorsed candidates for 2016. This candidates are exceptionally well qualified to serve in the offices they seek:


Washington State

Seeking Endorsement?

The Elections Committee of the SCDCC will be interviewing more candidates in preparation for our next central committee meeting. If you’re a candidate this cycle and you’re interested in our endorsement, please complete our questionnaire to begin the process.

Candidates interested in our endorsement should complete our questionnaire found by clicking here.

Congratulations Elected Caucus and Convention Delegates!

Our county convention to approve our 2016 Snohomish County Democratic Party Platform will be held on May 1, at 1pm at Heatherwood Middle School in Mill Creek–more details will follow. You may contact our Platform Committee Chair, Randy Ross by using the contact form here on our website.

Looking or your LD Caucus Location?

Click here for a Statewide List of LD Caucus and County Convention sites:

Interested in learning how we select our presidential nominee?

Learn more about the 2016 Presidential Caucuses results and what happens next here:

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